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We buy and sell used cranes and equipments

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    Purchasing of equipment can represent a sizable long-term investment for your company. With CSP, you can be sure you're getting the best value for your money and a long-term partner to help you get the most out of your investment.

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    Our Crane and Equipment Trade Service:
    Would you like to sell a used crane or give a crane in payment for another one? Do you have a damaged crane and would like to sell it? We provide top terms and no worries regarding insurance and transport.

    For an crashed crane itself only offers two options: Repair or sell. The repair is usually associated with very high costs, since it is very labor intensive.

    At the repaired crane still adheres a blemish - it is and remains a accident crashed crane, the customers are very skeptical towards the resale. Sale of crashed crane on a crane dealer is the case, the best solution.

    With our network of commercial partners from Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia, we are well positioned in the market. This demaged cranes go exclusively abroad where they are utilized further. Because of this and the high number of purchases, we are able to offer better prices for accident crashed cranes. Our motto is: competent, transparent and fair.

    We buy All Terrain Cranes, Rought Terrain Cranes and Crawler Cranes with any lifting capacity  and Truck Mounted Manlifts any made of year.

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    Our Crane Spare Parts and Repair Service:
    We supply all type of crane spare parts, parts for American crane brands , European crane brands and Asian crane brands. Crane Parts For Mobile, Truck Mounted, Tower And Other Cranes OEM (original) crane parts and replacement crane parts are available for most types of crane. We also offer worldwide crane repair services.

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